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Non-QM Loans

Specialty Products

Diamond Mortgage is committed to meeting the needs of all borrowers - not just those who fit into the conventional standards of a qualified mortgage. We offer flexible financing when traditional qualification methods simply will not work. Learn more about why we are considered a top leader in the Non-QM industry:

Non-Traditional Income

Don’t let non-traditional income prevent you from owning a home. Diamond Mortgage is your trusted lender when it comes to alternative methods for income qualification. We can work with borrowers who oftentimes have multiple streams of income, paid in lump sums, or are self-employed and absorb business expenses onto their personal tax returns. 

1.     Bank Statement Loans

2.     Asset Depletion Loans

3.     One Year Tax Return Loans

4.     Physician Loans

Prime Borrowers

If you have a high debt-to-income ratio that does not qualify for a standard loan or if you want special loan features, such as interest-only payments, Diamond Residential Mortgage is here to help. Speak with our trusted loan specialists about our specialty products and we will help guide you through the loan process. 

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

Did you know that experiencing a short sale or foreclosure on your property could prevent you from purchasing a new home for up to 7 years? Diamond understands that being a homeowner today rather than years from now is important to you, your family, and your future. We can offer financing much sooner than you think. Speak with one of our experienced loan specialists and see how we can help you achieve homeownership today.

Challenged Credit

We can help when a not-so-perfect credit history prevents you from getting a mortgage.  If you’ve been turned away by others for reasons such as lack of credit, low credit score, or history of late payments, speak with our experienced loan specialists and see if our alternative loan programs are right for you. 

Real Estate Investing

Diamond believes in the power of real estate as part of a diverse investment strategy.  We have loan programs that can make it easier to buy and sell investment properties so that you can focus on building your portfolios.  That’s why real estate investors love working with us.  Contact one of our knowledgeable loan specialists who can help guide you through our suite of investment solutions.   

  • Finance multiple properties 
  • Qualify on property cash flow rather than personal income 
  • Fix and flip loans 
  • Small balance commercial loans 
  • SBA Lending 

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